‘I have a mixed feeling about CRISPR, to be honest. On one hand, it feels awesome to be a part of it but on the other, it also brings a powerful sense of responsibility’- Dr. Jennifer Doudna, CRISPR Founder

This article is partly inspired by a Netflix documentary called Unnatural Selection which came out in Oct 2019. The limited series explains the groundbreaking advancement in gene editing technologies through CRISPR and the implication of BioHacking. It also deliberates on the moral and technological challenges which scientists and humans confront with this ground-breaking technology.

Best experienced on Netflix!

The series made me ponder over gene…

We need to start to talk about money in ways that dethrone it and make it subject to human ethics and standards of love and decency’- Joel Solomon, The Clean Money Revolution

In Jul 2018, I had joined Acumen Fund, an early-stage impact fund in India, and wrote about my journey into Impact Investing and how I got here

Acumen Fund is an early-stage impact fund that invests in for-profit social enterprises at the seed, pre-A, A-stages with cheque sizes of $500K-$2M

Thirty months out as I move to a new role in the VC industry, I thought it might…


As the country remained locked down during the Apr-Jun period in 2020, millions of chronic patients were deprived of appropriate medical help. Home service providers stepped in to fill a critical gap and home visits by doctors, blood tests at home for diseases such as diabetes, thyroid rose sharply.

Moreover, the demand for home health got a boost as quite a few hospitals were declared C-19 facilities and Govt. advised children, elderly, pregnant women not to visit medical facilities for normal checkups or consultations.

What is Home Healthcare?

Home healthcare is cost-effective medical assistance at home offered by caregivers…

What is Pay after placement model?

Pay after placement (or Income Sharing agreement) is a debt-free alternative to education loans. In ISA, once a student is placed, she/ he pays a certain percentage of their monthly income for 2–3 years as the cost of the education program. The repayment starts only after the course ends and the student lands a job (of a minimum amount per annum) and continues till a payback cap is reached

The concept of ISA was first proposed in 1955 by Milton Friedman. It envisioned an equity investment in individuals which allowed investors to buy ‘shares’…

What is Plant-Based Meat and Origins

In 1971, Frances Lappe wrote a revolutionary bestseller ‘Diet for a Small Planet’ on American’s eating habits. In a period of rapid population growth, she contended that there was plenty of food for everyone. The problem was that more food went to nourish animals on four legs than those on two. In under five decades, the food expert’s unique philosophy has become the bedrock of the meatless revolution globally

There are two broad categories that exist in the alt meat space. The first is plant-based meat which extracts protein from sources such as soya…

As a child, I used to love Disney’s cartoon on the Adventures of Gummi Bears. The Gummi Bears had a magic potion which gave them super agility with rapid bouncing skills. I wished that I could have this superpower someday!

Fast forward to 2020, the nutraceutical market is probably the closest approximation to that childhood fantasy. So, what is nutraceuticals and why do I feel that it has an enormous potential in India. Let’s dive right in!

What is the nutraceuticals market?

Nutraceuticals are products derived from herbs, minerals, vitamins and dietary substances consumed to boost immunity, physiological benefits or…

This is the second part of a two-part series on the Moonshot Game book summary and my reflections from it. Do read Part 1 here which covers Chapters 1–12 before diving into this one!

Among the best ones in heydays!

Chapter 13.

This chapter talks about Helion’s investment in Shopclues. It was a horizontal e-commerce marketplace and was envisioned along the lines of Taobao, a Chinese online shopping site. As the founder Sandeep had come from the US, Rahul had his doubts on him being able to build a transaction heavy business in India. …

The Moonshot Game covers the two-decade journey of Rahul Chandra and his adventures as a Venture Capitalist. The book offers an insider view to the VC world through his co-founding and running of Helion Ventures and gels it with the broader evolution of the VC space in India

Helion Ventures was one of the most respected and top-tier VC’s in India which raised $600M across three funds (Fund I $135M, Fund II $210M Fund III $255M). The fund made 130+ investments (most notable being BigBasket, RedBus, Shopclues, Taxi For Sure, MMT) and exited 25+ which include MakeMyTrip, UnitedLex, and Housing.com.

What is Hydroponics and its benefits?

Hydroponics is a practice of growing plants in a water-based nutrient-rich solution without soil. The plant roots directly mingle with the nutrient solution and provide access to oxygen which is crucial to proper growth. The word comes from Hydro (Water) and Ponics (Labor). The history of hydroponics can be traced back to early civilizations. The floating gardens of Kashmir, hanging gardens of Babylon are all built on Hydroponic culture.

Floating Gardens of Kashmir!

Hydroponics attacks the conventional premise that soil is essential to plant growth. Instead what plants need is what is contained in the soil (water and…

The beginning of the transformation

Crisis marks the resurgence of entrepreneurial spirit and for new ideas to be rapidly tested and deployed. The 2008 recession gave birth to some of the most popular startups known today such as Whatsapp, Uber, Slack, Square, among others. What makes this time particularly opportune for new startups/ ideas is the fact that there has been a simultaneous demand (weak consumer spending) and supply-side (curtailed productions) shock. Coupled with this are the behavioral shift and a larger early adopter pool which is more receptive to innovations

Some of the most interesting trends which are accelerating…

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